Business Law Discussion Perspective

Business Law Discussion Perspective
Actually, the notion of business law is somewhat similar and even seems to be unequal to the understanding of commercial law, commercial law, and economic law, all three of which boils down to the same point, but the discussion is from a different perspective. Commercial law is also part of the economy, as well as business law, commercial law and so forth leading to economic activity. But the difference here is the point of view of the discussion from each perspective.
Business law needs to be regulated, the article all matters relating to business ethics, buying and selling laws, agreements and others must be regulated in a regulation that is mutually recognized, so that there is no conflict or violation of the law in the future. Explanation of business law from science research experts in essence emphasizes the parties involved in every business activity.
The first understanding according to Munir Faudy is a set of laws including law enforcement efforts that regulate all procedures and mechanisms of trade activities, as well as industry and financial issues relating to the production and exchange of any goods or services produced with certain motives for profit.
According to Salimin and business law friends or bestuur recht, it means that all of the written and unwritten laws regulate the rights and obligations between parties arising as a result of business agreements. From the two terms of business law above, it can be concluded that business law is the entire set of legal instruments both written and non-governing procedures for trade, industry and financial affairs, all of which relate to the production of goods or services with a motive for maximum profit or profit. profit oriented.
Actually there are other perspectives in business law, business law in Islam is also regulated in such a way, this is because the Prophet Muhammad was also a successful merchant or trader in Arabic, so do not be surprised if the Koran is also regulated on commercial law, from the start the mechanism, rules, procedures and other principles that must be obeyed by traders or people who carry out business of buying and selling.
Therefore, in the end we live surrounded by a series of rules aimed at regulating good and correct living procedures, including business law, commercial law, commercial law, contract law, and many other piles of rules aimed at to create peace and order in life. Understanding business law is also made with the aim that no particular party whose rights are violated, or obligations are not fulfilled so that peace can be created in life. Thus the discussion this time may be useful.