Legal Enforcement to Achieve Good Life in the Future

Legal Enforcement to Achieve Good Life in the Future
Now it is very important for us to know and also obey the laws that apply in our country for the achievement of a good and harmonious life. Of course in this law there is a science that can develop the law itself. Here we will summarize and inform you about the understanding of the science of law that will indirectly give an idea of what law is and also what influences and is influenced by the law itself.
Legal science itself can be interpreted simply as a science that focuses on studying and also discusses the law. In this case the understanding can be very long, wide and broad discussion both in terms of the subject, object and others. Nowadays there are many experts who express their opinions on legal issues, so there are not a few opinions that discuss the description of legal science itself.
One expert who is of the opinion is Satjipto Rahardjo who expressed his opinion on jurisprudence. According to him, law is a science that explains and examines in detail the law. From his perspective, jurisprudence itself covers all matters related to law, so from this opinion we can see that the scope of jurisprudence is very broad and some even argue that the limits of jurisprudence cannot be determined.
Furthermore, there is also the opinion of Daliyo regarding the understanding of jurisprudence which explains that the science of law is a science whose object of knowledge is the law itself. Because of that law will study and explore all the ins and outs of the law such as the principles. History or origin, system, development, function, and many more aspects that are contained in the law itself.
The science of law itself examines and examines the law as a phenomenon of human life as well as symptoms of human life in this world. According to J. Daliyo to be able to know the law in depth, you must learn from birth, growth, and then develop until now.
From some of the descriptions and opinions expressed by experts on the above jurisprudence, we can conclude that jurisprudence is a science whose object of study is all kinds of aspects of the law itself, in which the scope of jurisprudence itself is very broad and arguably lacks clear boundary. In this case makes people who want to know the law in depth must learn all aspects of the law itself. A number of opinions and also opinions from several experts on the understanding of legal science that we can summarize and draw our conclusions.